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bought the Dutch version of Get Control Fast
First of all, 1000 thanks for writing your books. They've made my (sex) life really great.

About Get Control Fast:

Despite the fact that your other books were so good, I doubted whether I would buy this course. I have tried similar products before and it didn't help me much. But wtf... after going through this and following the training schedule to the letter, I kept it up after a week (to my girlfriend's amazement, curiosity and joy) for over 30 minutes.

Because I now have full control of my orgasm and don't have to worry about it anymore, I now have some more memory capacity free. Which means that I can apply the techniques from your master and dirty talk book even better. I notice that my girlfriend really wants to have sex a lot more often, suddenly sends horny messages and is "open" to a lot more things.

I could write a book about how your courses have taken my sex life to an unthinkable high level.

THANKS again (unconsciously also on behalf of my girlfriend).

You're a hero.
bought the Dutch version of Get Control Fast
Before I took your course, sex was hell for me. I was always too nervous out of fear I'd cum too soon and that would then inevitably happen.

Best performance was a couple of min, the worst one coming before I was even inside of her.

But Get Control Fast has completely changed that. The 1st night I applied your techniques (emergency brake trick and one of the psychological ones, don't remember which one exactly) she just finished fucking earlier than me:)

After that 1st time I also did your weekly training....

So now I can really enjoy sex, let myself go and I don't have to think about my orgasm anymore.

Usually I can do it for three quarters of an hour to an hour if I want to. Sometimes a bit shorter, but that's because I want to come with her at the same time, which is also possible now!

Thanks :)

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